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Many members of the Columbia Amateur Radio Association volunteer their radio capabilities and experience in support of emergency organizations.  Two of the main emergency support organizations are RACES and ARES.  Information about RACES and the Howard County ARES organization is available at the following links:

-- Field Day --

In addition to participating in activities with the RACES and ARES organizations, for years CARA has partnered with the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) to participate in the Amateur Radio Relay League's annual Field Day event involving operators around the nation.  CARA and PVRC will participate in this national event in June at Folly Quarter Middle School, 13500 Triadelphia Road, in western Howard County.  During Field Day, over 35,000 radio operators, from around the world, setup emergency stations and try to make as many radio contacts as possible.  The goal of the event is to practice emergency communications and demonstrate emergency communications capabilities to the local elected officials, the emergency response community, and the general publiC.

At the CARA sponsored Field Day event site, you may have opportunities to make radio contacts sporadically (no pre-defined schedule of operator times). The best chances for "show up and operate" are probably at our Get On The Air (GOTA) station, the VHF/UHF stations and Satellite station, and there may be additional opportunities to give the HF operators a break, especially on 10, 80 and 160 meters if those bands are slow. If you can send and receive Morse code, then you have more chances to operate, especially at the satellite station.

PLEASE also consider showing up early (9am Friday and Saturday) to see (and help with) the erection of a dozen or so portable towers with beams, laying out the coax, etc. Sunday afternoon, we need helpers to reverse the process and take everything back down... 

Further information about Field Day will appear in the June issue of the CARA Newsletter and may also be found on the American Radio Relay League website: www.arrl.org. The June CARA Newsletter will also contain a link to our volunteer registration form. If you have specific additional questions, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 


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